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High Quality, Stainless Steel Dual Eyelash Strip Applicator
Having a hard time applying your lashes?
Use this tweezers to apply or remove all your favorite lash styles without the hassle! of using your fingertips. Eyelash application just got easier with this unique new applicator. There's no more barriers to wearing lashes.

• Can be used for eyelash application & removal
• Curved end for precision
• Angled too to secure lashes
• 2 in 1, use to apply the lashes and to set in place.

Step 1: Use the curved end of the applicator to securely grip and hold the lash. Then place the lash along the natural lash line.
Step 2: Use the angled rubber tip to gently press down and secure the false lash along the lash line and corners of the eyelids.

Coco Mink Lashes
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