3D Silk Double Layer Eyelash Extensions 12MM C CURL

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This lash extensions are so beautiful and made just for you! They will create a glamorous natural look. All lash extensions are hypoallergenic, and chemical free.

This lash extensions are soft feathery. Each clusters has 14-17 silk lashes combined together at the base to produce one flare, and each tray has a total of 60 flares. They are great for a layering effect to create volume. Like all real mink lashes, they are very lightweight!

Application Instructions
1. Remove all makeup from your own lashes. Let your lashes dry before applying the extensions.
2. Cover bottom lashes with a white adhesive pad. The pad cannot push the upper lashes upward. Comb the upper lashes to separate.
3. Squeeze a minimal amount of glue onto a smooth surface.
4. Grab each lash with a tweezer and drag half of it through the glue. Start at the inner corner of the eye and gently brush the extension against the natural lash. Carefully place the Silk lash onto your own lashes, approximately 1 to 2 mm from the eyelid.
5. Continue placing the extensions across the eyelid, and continue this process until the last outer corner lash,separate each lash with a tweezer before attaching the extension. Allow 10 seconds to dry.
After Care Instructions
1. Do not get the lashes wet for at least 2 days after application.
2. Avoid saunas and excess steam.
3. Avoid oil-based products, or waterproof mascara.
4. Do not rub, pull or curl the extensions.

Coco Mink Lashes


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great silk quality


I was looking for better quality eyelash individuals and this are it!
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